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Bathroom Privileges 

Your Own Bathroom; Maybe...

How long you’ve been in the bathroom depends on which side of the door you’re on. If you are fortunate enough to have booked a little space with a private bathroom, cheer!  However, chances are—you’re stuck sharing a bathroom with a bunch of other people.  We're not all lucky enough to get our own.  So follow the golden rule – do unto other's toilets and sinks as you'd have them do unto yours...!

What's in Your Hovel?

Sell the sizzle

Providing details on as many bells and whistles you offer helps push your hovel to the front of the line.   However, keep in mind that many a hoveler are just looking for a place to crash because you happen to be in the right neighborhood.  In such cases, if you have electricity and a toilet – that’s good enough.  But beefing up your amenities is always nice, and keeps your hovel rented!

Hovel Amenities

hovelog: Your Story

Adventures Near & Far

We LOVE exotic hovel stories, whether your hovel is on a Caribbean Island or in a musty basement. We want to hear it!  Love stories and horror stories alike, what's the fun of travel if you can’t rip about the experience online? Submit your story!  Each month, a new one goes up – and it could be yours!! Visit our hovelblog.com directly and follow our hovel hunters!”

Know of a hovel?

We're on the Lookout

We are always looking for that extraordinary and truly unique hovel.  If you happen to know where we can find additional gems to add to our ever growing list of hovels, you will be charged a big fat nothing on your next booking.  That’s right.   Zip... Nadda... Nuthin...   We will gladly take it from the hovel owner thereby saving you even more on your next hovel stay.

The humble hovel