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About hovelstay.com

who are we?

Three guys. Two of us with a small idea— suffering acute nostalgia for the salad days of travel misery while still trying to pay for tuition — and a third with a technical gift bordering on supreme genius.

what is hovelstay.com?

It started out with the hope of being a niche marketplace for college students seeking a little adventure within their crash-space.  But the response to our existence was overwhelming, and much was heard from “you,” those wishing to be hovelers without having an edu. email address.  And seeing that we are a community-based company, it didn’t seem right to exclude anyone from the experience hovelstay.com hopes to offer.  Therefore, now everyone can sleep on a bale of hay inside a damp barn while backpacking, or just carrying basic luggage, through Germany on Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall seasons – when you want it where you want it.   And, we will continue to provide not just places to dwell, but we will continue to undersell – as a place to hovel, and now open for all.

our very first hovel!

To all of our traveling thrill-seekers, and those just plain brave, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our experience and helping hovelstay.com become your first pick when looking for adventure in your travel accommodations.

Michael J. Bolger
Chief Executive Officer