About hovelstay.com

who are we?

Three guys. Two of us with a small idea— suffering acute nostalgia for the salad days of travel misery while still trying to pay for tuition — and a third with a technical gift bordering on supreme genius.

what is hovelstay.com?

A niche marketplace for college students seeking a little adventure within their crash-space. Be it a weekend to Los Angeles, or a summer internship on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, we’re here to help you find the cheapest and possibly most interesting sleeping accommodations allowable within the confines of the Geneva Convention, because we’re not just selling a place to crash – we’re selling an experience.   After all, who hasn’t slept on a bale of hay inside a damp barn while backpacking through Germany during summer break, right? Okay, maybe not everybody... But generally, it’s bare bones with us – and just to be on the safe side for those with a comfortable budget allowance, we are offering some decent luxury choices, too.   So - while many others over-sell a place to dwell, we under-sell— as a place to hovel.

our very first hovel!


To all of hosts and students, from all of us at hovelstay.com, thank you and happy hoveling!

Michael J. Bolger
Chief Executive Officer