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Terms and Conditions For Hovel Hosts



If you have received an inquiry, we expect confirmation or rejection within an 18 hour period, or the request will be cancelled, and the hoveler will need to resubmit their inquiry. We suggest you also start a dialogue with the hoveler to confirm it’s a right fit. Only first and last names will be provided during the “getting to know you” phase of the inquiry process. Once an inquiry has been accepted, we will provide all relevant information on that particular hoveler so arrangements can be made to solidify their booking, including addresses, phone numbers, and any policy sheet on the hovel provided by the hovel owner. In addition, the booking party must have their information match their personal identification, and in the case of students, their edu email address. This is a security feature for both sides of the coin – identification. Once confirmation is received of a booking, hovelstay.com will charge 50% (fifty percent) of the booking total at time of booking, as well as the security deposit and any cleaning fees (taxes may be charged, depending on the municipality or state where your hovel is located – which could amount to a basic % for occupancy tax – check your local tax laws).


Taking money for a hovel that is not yours to make available is called theft. You better make sure it is yours to rent. End of subject. Except to say – we have good lawyers!


hovelstay.com charges a flat 3% (three percent) fee to the hovel owner, with the exception of our introductory fee offer of 1% valid through February 1, 2015.   Hovelstay.com then charges 3% to the hoveler, however, the same introductory rate applies of only 1% for the traveler on booking through February 1, 2015.  Following this period, hovelers will be charged 3% per booking strictly to handle merchant services processing, and a flat 3% to the hovel host – with no hidden fees – ever. 

Hovelstay.com, upon booking, will release the payment to the hovel host upon arrival of the hovel guest within 18 hours, less security deposit. 

Security deposits will be returned to bookers credit cards within a 72 hour period.  Any damage a hovel owner is claiming MUST be submitted within 24 hours of the hoveler leaving the property.  If there is a “same day turnaround” and another hoveler has arrived and damage is then reported by the hovel owner after the arrival of the new hoveler, it is no longer the responsibility of the previous guest hoveler or hovelstay.com to be held liable for any damage reported. 


Just don’t do it. Medical emergencies are always the exception, but better offers? That’s just low rent. BUT – if you must – PLEASE provide us and the hoveler with notice 24 hours before the arrival. That provides us time to work with them on additional accommodations and doesn’t leave them twisting in the wind. If we see a pattern with certain hovel owners of cancelling, we will remove you from the site.


Our site is for this service alone, putting adventurous travelers together with fun and inexpensive short-term, or long-term rentals.  As such, this site is not to be used for any other purpose – including posting personal contact information, photographs, credit card information, personal identification information, ANYTHING at all which could be a breach to the private and protected information of each of our users.  Reviews are it. You also cannot post any other services you might offer, unless there are free cookies involved.


By registering your property with us, you give us permission to load your information and make available to the general market only pertinent information as it relates to your hovel, which includes pictures, location, times of arrival and departure, and any other information as it relates to making your hovel available on our site.


YOUR ARE LISTING YOUR SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. There… HOWEVER…Since, the legal jargon is just WAY to long to get into, know this: We do not take responsibility for any emotional duress that would come from the connection of these services. hovelstay.com is simply a conduit, and all basic common sense here applies.


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